I’m Alvin Jenkins from West Jefferson, in western North Carolina, a lifelong fly fisherman and a new Wavewalk fan and demo agent.


Contact me:

Cell: 828 406-0462
Email: alvinpjenkins@gmail.com

This map shows where I’m located:

My Wavewalk S4 fits perfectly inside my van –

A couple photos of fish I caught…


Wavewalk kayaks, portable boats and accessories are 100% Made in USA


Wavewalk’s patented kayaks and portable boats are also back-pain free, and the world’s most stable for their size.

We carry the Wavewalk S4 and Wavewalk 500 in stock –

Wavewalk S4

Length: 13 ft, Width: 38″, Weight: 98 lbs, Payload: 650 lbs, Outboard: 3.5HP- 6HP

More info on the Wavewalk S4 »


Wavewalk 500

Length: 11’4″, Width: 29″, Weight: 60 lbs, Payload: 360 lbs, Outboard: 2HP – 3.5HP

More info on the Wavewalk 500 »

We also take orders for the Wavewalk 700

Wavewalk 700

Length: 12’10”, Width: 31″, Weight: 80 lbs, Payload: 500 lbs, Outboard: 3HP – 4.5HP

More info on the Wavewalk 700 »