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None of us wants to sacrifice our safety and comfort when we age, as we still want to fish from our kayaks in old age.

Comes a certain age, when you realize that you have the right and obligation to think for yourself, as well as the capability to do so. That’s also when you begin to think like a wise person, which usually means being more careful (or simply less careless…) and take into consideration questions like “What If?”, and “Says Who?”.

You don’t get excited that easily, and you’re more skeptical, and critical.

When kayak fishing is considered, more people like you realize that it’s a nice idea, in theory, but when people like yourself are considering it – it’s a no go, because there are too many problems associated with it, as well as risks.

This blog is meant to be your voice – The voice of the senior kayak angler who likes the idea of fishing from kayaks, abut won’t accept the risks, discomfort and pain that come with it.

This blog will address both problems and solutions presented by fishing kayaks today, as experienced and perceived by elderly anglers who’s been there and done that, and won’t buy the hype.

When you’re ten years old, overturning your kayak is an achievement, and when you’re twenty years old, it’s fun. When you’re thirty years old it’s no big deal, and when you’re forty years old it something you’re rather avoid, but it’s still acceptable.  When you’re fifty years old, it’s an unpleasant accident, and when you’re over sixty years old it’s something that should not happen. Period.

As for leg numbness, back pain, wet butt, yak ass and other physical problems, minor or major – younger people may accept them and tolerate them as part of the sport of kayak fishing, but elderly anglers simply reject them, and rightfully so.

Kayak fishing is meant to be fun, and not some hazardous outdoor torture, and this is a notion that does not require to be proven, or justified – It’s axiomatic, meaning that it goes without saying.

Comments are welcome on this blog, and you don’t have to become a “member” or even register to post your thoughts and comments. However, all comments will be moderated, and should be appropriate and suitable for all audiences, from old to very young.

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