Yak? Pocket Skiff? What is this tiny fishing motorboat?

Have a look at this new video:

By its size, this boat is comparable to a kayak, and not even a big one. You can paddle it too, as the movie shows. But that’s where the similarity with kayaks ends, and the similarity to other small boats begins.
The craft features two hulls, so it’s a catamaran, at least from a hydrostatic and hydrodynamic standpoint – This partly explains its extreme stability, and and how the passenger (pilot?) can stand in it so easily, and drive it through the waves.
And this is somehow reminding of a small skiff, although this watercraft is so tiny and lightweight that it can be car topped.
Storage wise, it allows the angler to take on board quite a bit of gear, and keep it dry – Yet another point of resemblance to a skiff, but again – without the need for a trailer for transportation.

OK, so the seat isn’t cushioned, and it looks less comfortable and inviting than those comfy seats that some skiffs have, but don’t let appearances fool you: You can spend an entire day in this minuscule craft, without missing the casting swivel chair that your skiff is outfitted with, and you can cast and catch fish standing up, even in moving water.

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