The Upside of Downsize – From a Traditional Microskiff to a Personal Microskiff

A microskiff is a small skiff, and while there is no official definition for this class of small motorboats, anglers in the United States understand it means a small, generally flat bottomed motorboat used for fishing trips inland, as well as in estuaries and bays. Microskiffs are seldom used in fast moving water, or in very shallow rivers.

A Personal Microskiff is a new boat concept that’s equivalent to a W fishing kayak outfitted with an outboard gas engine. It is much smaller than a traditional microskiff, which is why it can take less passengers on board, and this is the main problem facing the angler who’s considering downsizing from a common microskiff to a Personal Microskiff.

However, in this case, downsizing comes with many significant upgrades, including the ability to cartop the boat, and even a couple of them on any car rack, even of a small sedan. This means the owner no longer needs to own or use a trailer for transportation.
Another real advantage is the portability of the tiny craft – You can easily carry it, and drag it on the beach.

Mobility wise, the new craft offers launching, going, fishing and beaching practically anywhere, and needless to say that using a boat ramp is no longer necessary, or even useful in any way.

The personal microskiff allows access to areas that regular microskiffs cannot access, not only because of the superior physical mobility this new, patented watercraft offers, but also due to the fact that it can be used as a fishing kayak, namely in no-motor zones (NMZ)…

The number of passengers that can go on board the new craft is limited to between one and two, and the tandem option is available only if both passengers are not particularly heavy. However, two personal microskiffs can be car topped on any car rack, and two small outboard motors would fit in any trunk, and this is certainly a more convenient solution than towing a boat on a trailer.
Furthermore, in case you have two W kayaks but only one outboard motor, the motorized craft can tow the second, non-motorized one at a pretty good speed.

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