Setting the bar for fishing kayaks

So, you want to fish out of a kayak?…

Choosing a fishing kayak may seem to be a daunting task, unless you apply a few simple rules that help you set the bar as far as what is acceptable to you, and what’s not.

You may have asked yourself questions such as which kayak is stable enough for fishing, and are there any kayaks that allow their users to fish while standing up in confidence. You may also be considering offshore fishing trips in your kayak, and asking yourself whether such trips are safe.

And what about outriggers? They don’t look cool, but they may add much needed stability to your kayak… And some would say that fishing out of a kayak is the equivalent of inflicting a physical punishment on yourself, but are all kayaks the same in this aspect?

These days, there seem to be many types of kayaks offered to anglers, but many experienced fishermen would argue that all these kayaks are essentially the same as far as meeting the basic requirements for stability, comfort and dryness is concerned.

This new article named Fishing kayak design – the best and the rest discusses these issues, as well as others. It offers a small set of criteria whose application can help any confused angler decide whether fishing out of a kayak is a good idea to begin with, and on a second level, which kayaks should be ruled out for this purpose.

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