About Motorizing Your Fishing Kayak

Electric or gas outboard?

Electric trolling motors can be very useful on kayaking ventures, but once the battery goes flat, a rather unfortunate situation, you may find yourself stranded a long distance from your initial launching spot. When this happens, you will be forced to paddle your fishing kayak with a heavy battery on board, all the way back the way you came, possibly against wind and/or current. In addition, the propeller of the electric trolling motor might become entangled in submerged fishing lines, seaweed, and other underwater obstacles, especially in shallow water, a common locale to go fishing with your kayak.

It’s plain common sense that people don’t get stronger with age, and many senior anglers find they can’t go fishing from kayaks because they don’t have the strength necessary to paddle long distances and in inclement conditions, such as against the wind, or current.

2-cycle or 4-cycle outboard motor?

Taking all of these problems into consideration, such senior kayak anglers may be interested by a new method of motorizing fishing kayaks .In addition, the motor used is a sleek, modern, 4-cycle (4 stroke) engine that is a cinch to start, easy to maintain, lacks the need for mixing oil and fuel, does not create odorous fumes, and is quieter. All of this superior performance is achieved without it being heavier than a 2 stroke engine of the same size.

You may want to use a two cycle engine, but these motors are known to be stinky, and often irritatingly loud. In fact, new outboard motors on the market are all 4-cycle.

Perhaps this movie could inspire you? –

More info on this small motorboat concept viewed from the standpoint of a small boat owner >

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