Fishing Kayaks’ Hidden Costs

Many products include hidden costs, even fishing kayaks…

Adding the cost of accessories to an already expensive fishing kayak can greatly increases the price of a product that’s meant to be inexpensive.

The cost of accessories, including kayak seats, rudders, racks, and outriggers, adds up to a sizable amount of money when heaped on even supposedly inexpensive kayaks:

• Kayak Seat: Spending $100–$200 on a kayak seat that won’t reduce kayak fishing back pain is clearly a waste of money. Kayak seats can be so bad that many kayak anglers quit the sport due to extreme discomfort and chronic pain.

• Rudder: Why would you have to spend $200-$300 to be able to steer a fishing kayak when you should be able to control it without one? Rudders are annoying to use, slow, and are bogged down by weeds.

• Outriggers: Stability for $100 – $400, even when it should be part of the kayak’s original design? Why would you spend money on that? Outriggers are an annoyance to install, they slow you down, limit your fishing kayak’s mobility, and limit your fishing kayaks ability to maneuver. Also, outriggers are heavy and cumbersome.

• Installing a special kayak rack that can cost Hundreds of Dollars, just to be able to transport your fishing kayak is ridiculous, and when mounted it takes up space that could be used for other utilities.

Rudders, racks, and outriggers are a nuisance to deal with, and kayak seats are lumbar killers. When you’re looking for fishing kayaks, don’t forget hidden costs of accessories.

So, why not buy a product that won’t have any of these hidden costs? A lack of a need for any of these extra products would lower the cost of a fishing kayak tremendously. The only fishing kayak that has no hidden costs is the W-500 fishing kayak, whose revolutionary new design gets rid of any needs for extra accessories.

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