Why and How To Motorize Your Fishing Kayak

Here are some observations related to motorizing your fishing kayak:

1.) Many kayak anglers do not appreciate paddling a great distance to get to a good spot. Spending time kayak fishing is preferable to pedaling or paddling. Large, expensive motorboats that require trailers, ramps and maintenance are increasingly viewed as problematic.

2.) Electric Trolling Motors also do not make the cut. Whether you carry a heavy battery, or an expensive lithium-ion battery, your fishing trips are going to be limited in length by the battery life. Some kayak anglers I know avoid using their trolling motors altogether for these reasons.

3.) Kayak anglers would love to go on long fishing trips, which are made possible by gas outboard engines, since gasoline is king as far as easy storage in concerned, as well as in the power category.

In a perfect world, there would be a car-toppable, small, ergonomic and stable motorboat that would enable the ability for long hours of fishing as well as the capability to fish standing up. Surprisingly, such a product exists- as illustrated below:

Spectacular, isn’t it?
Outboard motors won’t fit a fishing kayak, but they do on this W500 model. Owning this unique fishing kayak may not necessarily entail gas motorizing it, as paddling and electric trolling are still viable options. Kayak Motorization is explained in detail in multiple blog posts, and is a common topic among kayak anglers.                     

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