The New Wavewalk™ 700 Series

This short promo movie shows a 3D animation of the W700 followed by a live action video footage of the smaller W570, to help the viewer compare between these two series. The 700 is bigger, stabler, and more spacious than the 500 series, and has 60% more load capacity.


The new Wavewalk™ 700 series will be available starting August 2015.

The 700 is a lightweight, super-stable, trailer-free, two-person fishing boat that you can easily paddle, car top and motorize by yourself.
It features a 7’8″ (233 cm) long cockpit that’s roomy enough for two anglers and their fishing gear. The storage it offers is comparable to what you get in a Jon boat or a fishing canoe.

Being able to paddle and pole this boat is an advantage when you and your fishing buddy want to fish in shallow water and in places where the vegetation prevents you from motorizing. As such, it’s unrivaled for bass fishing, as well as for fishing other species such as musky, bluegill, pike, catfish etc.

For the same reasons, the 700 is also a perfect microskiff for both solo and tandem crews, as it offers excellent mobility in the flats, as well as the ability to pole.

Launch, go and beach anywhere, whether you fish alone or with a fishing buddy.

The 700 series will be available in two-color combinations, and in white.
More info:

Sand and Green tandem fishing kayak 640




Yellow and Orange tandem fishing kayak top-view 640

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