Review of the Wavewalk® 700 tandem fishing kayak

The Wavewalk® 700 has been out for almost a year now, and it’s already possible to say that it passed the critical introduction phase with flying colors – No one has found anything bad to say about this boat, and practically anyone who’s paddled it, fished from it, or drove it with a motor, expressed their enthusiasm about it.

People from Sweden to New Zealand, and from Washington state to Florida praise its unbelievable stability that surpasses even the stability offered by the classic Wavewalk® 500, the world’s most stable kayak, until now.
The following video, which shows two anglers going in a W700 gets more interesting towards its end, when the seated angler stands up too:


Indeed outstanding, isn’t it? – The world’s only true tandem stand up fishing kayak and car-top boat.

Another video shows the boat-like stability that a paddler enjoys in this new super kayak:


The Wavewalk® 700 proved to perform like a true high-performance portable boat, that is powered by an outboard gas motor and not just by an electric trolling motor. And this setup works both for one user as it does for a crew of two:




The boat’s extreme stability and exceptional tracking allow to steer it with a joystick system, which makes driving not just easier, but really fun:



Most importantly, the W700 set a new record for comfort for all people, including elderly, big and heavy anglers such as the one in this video:



Despite being 20 lbs heavier than the W500, the 80 lbs is extremely lightweight in comparison to other fishing kayaks and car-top boats. In fact, one person can easily car-top on any vehicle, including SUVs:



The W700 has more storage for fishing and camping gear than any kayak, including even the W500, and this is a major advantage for anglers who go on long fishing trips.

When it comes to ergonomics, the W700 and W500 saddle seat are nearly identical, but the fact that the W700’s hulls are wider makes it more comfortable for big people, as well as for people with bad knees.
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Like the classic W500, the W700 is back-pain-free, which further differentiates it from all other fishing kayaks out there, whether they are Sit-In or Sit-On-Top (SOT).

Price wise, the basic W700 R goes for $2,178, and this price includes shipping to the client’s address if it’s in the continental US (48 states). This is remarkably inexpensive considering the fact that the W700 is the hands-down best of breed in the top tier of the fishing kayak market, as it beats its rivals in all important factors, which are: Stability, Load Capacity (real-world), Speed, Comfort, Storage, Weight, Motorizing, Dryness, Mobility, Versatility, Tracking, Seaworthiness, and some more…

Lastly, the new W700 design features a built-in watertight saddle that doubles as flotation:


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