Motorizing Your Fishing Kayak Makes More Sense Than You Think

Typically, fishing kayaks are too unstable and uncomfortable to be effectively motorized, and the maximum that anglers are willing to do with their kayak is to outfit it with a weak electric trolling motor, which is a solution for short term and short range, and not well suited for moving water.

Pedal driven kayaks present the same problems as kayaks propelled by a paddle, plus some more.

But Wavewalk offers a line of patented catamaran kayaks that are more stable than other designs, as well as more ergonomic, enough to power them with an outboard motor and drive them comfortably.

A motorized fishing kayak extends its owner’s range of activities, and reduces fatigue that’s always associated with human powered propulsion.

Here is a playlist of videos that show various Wavewalk® kayak models outfitted with outboard motors of different power:


Watching these videos could give the viewer an idea of what’s possible now in this fast moving field.

And looking forward to more powerful solutions, a greater range of travel, more stability, and improved comfort, here is Wavewalk’s Series 4 (S4):


More info on this new portable fishing boat »

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